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Posted by Valerie L on

This photo is the actual item in our possession.

Above, is a photo of a (U. S.?) School Certificate of Honor, of which I am unable to locate another one that might be for sale, on any other Dealer website or many other sources. The exception is The Met Museum in N.Y.C., they have a few, not this one, but others that are much like it, in different colors and design, are all for the same purpose.

Their Reference numbers to this item are Burdick 540, P.104R.(1)

Trying to determine a price for this is almost impossible, as we are unable to locate another one that is for sale, anywhere in North America. Below is the photo,

Uniface, the Obverse is Light Blue artwork, with a plain white Obverse, by Geo. F. Jones, dated 1877.

Any help you can give us would be really appreciated and all offerings will be acknowledged on our site. (With the needed and obvious Privacy conditions.)

Many thanks for any help we can receive from you, our readers.

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