The Boycott Medal of 1880 (Ireland)

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This very rare medal was issued in 1880, and presented in 1880-81, to the 25 participants on the Boycott trek. The only other one that remains in Ireland is in a Museum, it is not engraved, and no pictures of that one seems to be available online. When we purchased this recently, we needed to assure the seller, that we would not melt it for the Silver or otherwise dispose of it other than to a collector, as it held a strong family connection, where it has been since it was awarded. That is 140 or so years of safekeeping.

The word Boycott that we use today, is a direct take on the name of the person that the Medal was created for. It entered the English language during the Irish "Land War", derived from Captain Charles Boycott, an English land agent who lived in Ireland. He was subject to social ostracism - a boycott - organised by the Irish Land League in 1880.

There will be more on our Blog this week.

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