Just Arrived: A Collection of Better Grade & Scarcer Coins

Posted by Valerie L on

1858 Province of Canada 20 Cents.

This was minted for circulation this 1 year only, a mintage of about 730,000 is recorded,

in 1871, it was minted again with only a Specimen strike known.


We recently acquired a large collection of Canadian and some Maritime CERTIFIED coins.

There are approximately 350 coins in this collection, the majority are High Grade with a few in G and F, there are several scarcities, varieties and just plain hard to find coins in here.

Please EMAIL us with your wants and questions, we will provide a photo of any specific coin that we have in the collection.

The collection includes coins from The Province of Canada 1858 to Modern Day, well worth a look for any special coins.

We will have these posted very soon, so check our store frequently or contact us by EMAIL, to inquire.

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